💜 This website is dedicated to my big beautiful sister Debbie Headspeath  ❤️

This website will display all her amazing poetry and I encourage everyone to take your time and read them all. Some absolute gems in there. They are all in alphabetical order for you to read and enjoy.

Debbie’s love of Arabic and Egyptian themes comes from a couple of holidays Debbie had in Egypt. She fell in love with Egypt and visited some locals in their homes in some quite poor areas. I remember her saying they welcomed her with tea and bearing in mind these families had so little they were so happy and welcoming. She self taught herself Arabic as had a real interest in the culture and became very good at the language. She was a talent I could only dream of.

On a personal note I am immensely proud to have Debbie as my big beautiful sister and she has had a huge impact on my life. Creating this website has been a very emotional time. I miss her so much and feel she is watching down on us. There have been a few times I have felt her presence and if you look at the Arabic designs between poems it translates to “Debbie you will always be in our hearts”. That is certainly true of us all – Always with us.

We all remember Speefie in our own ways and for our family we have “The tree of Debbie” which we visit and spend time there. More importantly, she is in our hearts. We grew up together and faced similar challenges and had a Sibling connection that was special.

I know she would be proud of me and my beautiful family as I was so proud of her.

Rest in peace big sis and if there is a heaven you will be there ❤️

We can all learn a lot from Debs poetry and in her own words which are so true..

“All you need is love” 💜


To Debbie….

My star my star my sparkling little star
Sparkling in our hearts forever more
A sister a friend a miracle to no end
You will be right with me until the very end

Love David xxx

Debbie's Poetry

Thoughts from the Moon

I’ve watched you, your complicated life

Running like sand through your restless fingers

I want to pull you to me

Like the water and as gravity

To tune you in to me

Show you the simple way

With nothing but me to guide you

Surely you would rise to

Meet the light that steals your heart

Would you still depart?

Or let me lead you to deeper thought

But your smile is fading

Your head is caught

Somewhere in your tangled hair

I want to reach you, take you where

You’ll bask in silver shine

If you could sit with me for just a while

I’d show you where you’re going wrong

Breathe into your soul a lunar song

No need to stumble in the dark

Although I never speak, I am

Always here to listen, give answers

When I can

Just look to the night sky

When you’ve had enough

Of your complicated life

© Debbie Headspeath