Wildfire spirit clasps the moon tonight
Sand angel bathes in dunes tonight

Fevered soul whistles a shooting star
Sings silver notes with tune tonight

Smoky wonder scorches midnight eyes
December feels like June tonight

Bubbling passion like a volcano
A lava kissed monsoon tonight

Nightdreamer hold the world inside you
Darklover not immune tonight


To something I never wanted to say goodbye to
To the one thing that makes my life real

I cannot continue, in this phase that is passing
I will not believe it is not temporary
It must be my age – or the company I keep
Who knows? But I do not wish to leave it
Yet I have to.

I dare not carry on, in this time that is going
I cannot understand that it is not a lie
It must be just me – or the thoughts that I hold
I don’t know – But I do want to dismiss it
Yet I cannot.

I will not linger for, this life that is leaving
I never will know that it was not true
It must have drugged me – or the secrets I live
No-one knows – But I try not to dwell on it
Yet it’s difficult.

To the one thing I never wanted to leave behind
To you, who makes everything peaceful



Tell me, dear Grandad
Why do you suppose
Those wiggly dark hairs
Grow out of your nose?

Tell me, dear Grandad
I don’t mean to be pushy
But what is the reason
Your eyebrows are bushy?

Tell me, dear Grandad
Cause it’s kind of weird
Do you have little creatures
Growing in your beard?

Tell me, dear Grandad
What is that sound
Are your bones creaking
As you move around?

Tell me, dear Grandad
Did you have a fright
So does that explain
Why your hair is all white?

I tell you, dear Grandad
You are an old man
But I’ll love you always
Like no-one else can.


Winter Approaches

Distant, wind-stripped tree
Bows a respectful goodbye
To the drowning sun


Mischievous raindrop
Makes the virgin daisy blush
Tickles her petals

Another Dimension

Fluorescent lampshade
As a deep-sea jellyfish
Has turned on the lights


It’s Halloween… let’s have some fun!

Beware of vampire kisses
Watch your step
I’ve heard they are
A pain in the neck!
And angry witches don’t
Ride their brooms
They might fly off the handle
Way too soon!
Mummies think holidays
For them are not kind
In case they relax
And start to unwind!
The birds are singing
Twick or tweet
While ghosts reside
In a dead end street!
Bobbing for apples
Carve a pumpkin face
Let’s party tonight
In this spooky old place!


This is so relative
Our idea of hardship

Some refugee, walking on the banks of Dover East
Without a name, without a face, what’s her identity
What’s her place?

Some refugee, hiding and hoping we won’t see
His hardship, cause he only wants to be
Normal… what is that?

When cultures can overlap

Don’t turn your backs on compassion
All that separates us is water

Some refugee, turned down by authorities
Yet he has suffered torture and traumas
Who is the man in the suit?

Some refugee, loving and wanting to escape
Daily slaughter, cause she’s had all she can take
She can’t return….

What if it was our son or daughter?

To treat a ‘foreigner’ with fear and suspicion
Is to be blind to the beauty in some of those souls
Think of their lives, uprooted and cold…
Leaving the ones they love behind, escaping for safety
A good chance they will die on the journey.

They hope ours is a land of human rights
To be welcomed with abuse from so-called protectors
Again they wrestle with survival.

Are they so different? I ask again

Someone said: they’re all bloody terrorists
But no-one can accuse me of being
A racist

Somehow I found the energy to sigh


Harry’s in the house again
Why won’t he stay out?
Humping thumping clouds of
Yesterday’s dust.
Piled up books around his body
Hiding from the woman
With the vacuum cleaner.
Pink never was her colour.
Where’s Harry now?
Washing up dishes
In the kitchen sink?
Hope he’s using fairy liquid
And not that Happy Shopper crap.
Did you tell him
To wear the apron
To avoid wetting his fur?
No, no, I guess I must
Do everything myself.
Harry, go back to your bed
Like a good boy.
Hell, why am I complaining?
Look he’s –
A chimp choosing household chores
On a Tuesday afternoon.


Spiced heat
weaves a thread of passion
through the lethargic air,
thick like crushed velvet.
A scent of promise
and hidden treasure
leaks from pores
of clammy skin.
I can smell cooking oil
frying impossible dreams,
chlorine and dust
rising from sun-baked steps.

Intense, this heat;
enough to clot a mind,
to curdle the blood
of a spellbound stranger.

Husky tones,
caked in illusion,
invoke spiritual thoughts:
music of the soul
that clusters around hearts
exposed to chorused scripture,
harmony in both senses.
Melodies condensed
with deep atmosphere,
set free by night’s sweet descent.

I watch with wonder
the exotic dance before me,
feel a twang of recognition,
we jelled together and set.
Not knowing, then,
what years would teach us:
peppered dilution.


I don’t know where my home is.
I slot in here and there; juggle
with my knotted thoughts,
try to coax my heart with photographs.
Nothing works,
this town is the only enemy
I have, except for me.
Surely fate will lead me there?
Where calmness breathes life
into my ear, where sweet breezes
stir my earthly spirit and
daisies sleep in my hair?

Fat chance,
in my alarm clock reality.
Oh well,
another day, another drama
waiting to try and trip me up,
or am I just paranoid?
It seems the knots get tighter
the more I start to wonder.

I’ve travelled for miles,
searching for my final shelter.
If home is where the heart is…
I don’t know where my home is.


The only way I can think to describe it
I heard your voice and I couldn’t deny it
Christ, I’ve waited so long to hear that sound
When it reached me tonight I lost my ground

I think I’m over you
I feel that without any contact
I’m through with this
It was just a magical mist
I think I’m over you
Then I hear your voice again
Like honey in my soul
Creeping through my veins

You recognised me at once, in that moment
You were still there, and we both know you showed it
I dream I can tell you secrets within
I am not free to speak but I wish for sin

I think I’m over you
I don’t feel without any contact
I’m through with this
It is only a fairytale twist
I think I’m over you
Then I feel your soul again
Like sugar in my blood
Dancing in my veins

You are my drug… completely
You fill my life… so sweetly


I am in hope that this Eastern adventure
Will help me to see life in clearer perspective
And make me wake up to the cold light of British day
In order to leave, to get away

In one way or another.

Happy Town

Who knows, I know: what a happy town should be
I walk along the pavement, and everyone smiles at me
When I encounter public transport: I am met with joy
Problems put aside for another person to enjoy
I know my happy town
Do you?

Where is it, you wonder: this loving atmosphere
I float along the river wide, and they all shout to me
Whenever I take the jump for me: everyone applauds
They know that I am courageous, a dignity of sorts
I know my happy town
Do you?

How is it, I decide: the mirror that I hold
I sing along the motorway, and people understand
They may not always show it but I feel their empathy
I look at someone and they acknowledge, it’s in their eyes
I know my happy town
Don’t I
one thing I never wanted to

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