It’s like waiting for God
You searched around corners
Bringing the wild one with you
You weren’t gone long

Once, I knew you’d return
Asking where we were before
Bringing the fire with you
My back hit the wall

I saw colours inside
You searched in my corners
Bringing the heavens with you
I felt I was home

The next time is the last
Asking where are you going
Taking the dreamer with you
My heart hit the wall

It’s a pointless mission
I searched around corners
Wishing the wild one with you
You’re gone for good

Hope and my own faith
I search around corners
Praying you’ll save me this time
But you never come

It’s just like waiting for God


Grey pebbledash is what I remember
A feeling of blue but not depression
Just wonder… at where I was and who I am
Aircraft hangers and random incidents
As gradully I realised what this meant

It became apparent very early on
That he was not what you expected
I saw it then but was rejected
But i guess you were in love back then
And would accept almost anything

I don’t berate you – I would have been the same
No doubt about it, and no blame


Her waterfall veil cascades into
a lathered pool behind painted feet.
Champagne strands of floodlit hair
shiver despite her knitted brow;
smile stretched taut like a picture
on canvas. Pearl droplets cling
as dewdrops on her lily ears,
neck curved gracious as a swan
yet her body is goose flesh.
Frosted milk dress hides
blue tinged scars, moons of silence
reflected in her limpid eyes;
honey blessed circles of commitment
coil around hesitating fingers
and he spins an onyx loop with
the grace of a dervish or matador;
silky kissed tail coat darker
than raven born eyes,
a caped crusader lost amongst
his own evolution, his stirring flight.
Footsteps echo the approaching thunder
rebounding from time-crusted walls
who watch with abandon this couple
wrapped up in the folds of a fall.


Just know me
And understand me
The way I am
And reasons that I hide it
Just understand it
And I will have found my true friend for life
And I hope I can return it.
All the best
I just want to know it all
Don’t close me off in the day
Because I see

Where Fog Resides

London fog
Filmy cloud of gloom
Hanging over my head
It’s like a dark room
I can’t escape, it’s too late
I’m wrapped up in a gray haze
Blind, somehow I lost my way
Confused, t-r-u-d-g-i-n-g
Through murky muddle
Tears around my feet
A puddle of discontent
A misty mind secretly enjoys
The blur of life, the smog of choice
What happened to October
Drag me from obscurity
When November is over


Stroke the globe
with fine feathered fingertips
delicate traces,
trails of hollowed desire,
spread out
across the unborn thought,
hover between clouds
of strawberried lies
then return to me
and whisper your journey

Winter Woman

Have mercy, winter woman of woe
There’s more to this than envy knows
Your maiden grace a ghostly torment
So lover dreams in discontent
A mortal villain drunk on light
He quenched the poison of the night
Soon you will have what fortune seeks
And after haste, will come release.

Winter Poem

In * twinkling * streets, the sweet sound of the choir
Frosts its tune with a sprinkling of snow
While the crackling of someone else’s fire
Delights the child and gently warms his toes


So I strapped on my roller skates
Red plastic bands securing shoes
To wobbly metal and one-way wheels
A thrilling roll downhill
And clunk, clunk steps back up.

Back then, the rain was my friend
It brought the pavement alive
Everything was closer to the ground
Back then.

Drew numbers and arrows on the ground
With a simple pebble, a tiny stone
Felt-tip flowers to greet the world
And pink-tipped daisies ripe for the picking.

That hill, or so it seemed
When I returned years later it was merely a slope
Where I sat and sang to God
When religion was good and Jesus my friend.

And the park, with bright plastic swings
Held in place by rusty metal loops
That we would twist up and release
Near climbing frames and see-saw smiles.

Everything was concrete and barbed wire
Yet it was home.
I got very close to poles
And the edge of school desks,
Where I found my sexuality.

Twelve years on, it feels so strange
Size 5 feet where once were baby shoes
Walking the same roads, feeling the rain
An empty space where the park should be.
I have many moments like this,
Call it nostalgia, clinging to memories
But what’s wrong with that if I was happy?
Want to wind back the air force clock
Get stuck on the bars again,
So my Dad can come to rescue me.

Ah, sweet recollection, cold reality.
Wittering, my eternal memory.

Word Secrets

Please talk to me
Tell me anything at all
Any simple detail, it doesn’t matter
I just want to know it all
Don’t shut me out in the dark
Because I see a thread of light
And no matter how you distance me
It’s just the same inside

Do you tell me
The things I want to hear
Is it all a lie, and are my dreams
The ‘Illusion of The Year’
How do you know the facts
When life and substance get in the way


A lie, and are my dreams
The ‘Illusion of The Year’
How do you know the facts
When life and substance get in the way
Who ever knows what’s what
When emotions stand in the way

So tell me now…
Why would you never promise me
So tell me now…
How much I don’t see


Spiralling through life itself, in never ending blurry times
Locking of the inner self, in ever winding nursery rhymes
Wishing I could have the strength, to conquer all those demons
Knowing it is beyond control, without a sense or a reason

I want to run barefoot through grass, moist with dew and never ask
For help, just skip through daisy fields, and laugh among the sand
Time runs out so fast, I know this well, and friends sense something
But they cannot tell
I need a friend, I need, I need, a true friend

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