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Debbie was devoted to Suffolk Refugees. She changed the lives of so many Refugees in Suffolk. She really did have a kind compassionate heart and some of the stories we used to hear were shocking. So many people get funny about Refugees and really don’t put themselves in their shoes. What if you were in a war torn country running for your life? Debbie used to always see the good in people and was an incredibly good listener.

She was very popular when she was part of the eastern office and will always be fondly remembered. She always took her work home with her and would always stand up for Refugees and quote stories she had heard from friends she had made through the Refugee council. 

Debbie goes on to write a very powerful poem devoted to Asylum seekers. She really did touch the lives of so many.

Asylum Seeker

Washed up on the shoreline
Washed out
Even the sun accuses me
With its blinding glare
An unseen drummer
Pounding torment in my head
Mouth arid, parched
Like the rainless Sahara
Stomach groans, teeth aching to bite
Longing for food and water
What will happen to me now?
I lost my wife and daughter
On the journey.

Broken free from the trailer
Broken heart
Escape from the raging driver
Who brandishes his hate
With lead piping
That shattered bone in my arm
Terrified, tearing
On some kind of motorway
Body crying, hands begging to hold
Desperate for love and comfort
Don’t think I can carry on
Cannot make the effort
I fall to my knees.

Picked up by blazing blue light
Picked apart
Thrust into a lonely cell
Beg for an interpreter
To explain why
But my words are only heard
By callous bars
Who proudly prevent my exit
Eyes swollen, throat choking on air
Pleading to God for mercy
Don’t send me back, start screaming
I’ve caused controversy
They stare at me.

Inside a hostel now
Inside out
That’s how my being survives
Questioned by the Home Office
Not enough evidence found
By man in suit
Who stamped my papers ‘REFUSED’
Brain unbalanced, soul without hope
I am becoming weaker
Deportation, degradation
Land of the free detests
Asylum seeker.

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