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Andrew Headspeath

I remember when I was about 12 my big sister Debbie came to visit us in Saudi Arabia. Words could not express how much I looked up to her. She was perfect in every way: beautiful, funny, kind – my role model. We also shared a love for literature.

At the time I was a budding novelist, and wrote a few pages after school. One night I asked Debbie if she could read it, because I completely adored her and valued her opinion. I remember her reading it and smiling and laughing, her eyes glued to the pages. After about 20 minutes of solid reading she turns to me, hands me the book and says: “You are so talented. You have a gift with words.”

Here I am, 16 years later, working as a journalist – using words everyday like my big sis encouraged me to. I hope Debbie knew how much she influenced my life – how one moment of kindness could shape an entire future. That was Debbie’s gift to me. And I will never ever forget it.

Love you sis.
Andoy x

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