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Tony Gardiner

Possibly my fondest moment was when Debbie and I went to Paphos in Cyprus to attend Debbie`s brothers wedding. One evening Debbie, Mike, Elaine and I went to a bar called Big Mama`s, happy hour was going well and we all had enjoyed a few drinks when this photo was taken.
Sadly Debbie was taken too soon, but it is so nice that we can keep her memory going.
Debbie had so many talents, she had such a kind heart and welcomed me into the family, I, like so many people miss her so much. x x x

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adminTony Gardiner


Debbie was always my cool big sister. I remember when I was 16 she took me to Wembley to see the Smashing Pumpkins. We went the day together in London. Debbie got me a beer at the concert and I felt really grownup sitting there with a beer. We laughed a lot that day, even when we missed the train home and had to make alternative arrangements we laughed all the way home. I will always be proud of who she was. xxxx

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Elaine Gardiner

Debbie was born on 29th January 1976, one month early at 6lbs 12oz, my first child. She was a beautiful baby and grew into a lovely happy little girl. When she started school her teacher told me she was “a breath of fresh air”. She loved to sing and dance and usually got the star parts in any school productions. She had a vivid imagination and spent many happy days telling her friends stories and acting out films such as “Annie” one of her favourites.

She grew into a loving caring adult who always put other’s needs before her own. She went to university and obtained a degree in media studies. She loved to help people in need and worked for the refugee centre and the domestic abuse centre for women.

She was a loving caring daughter and I am very proud of her. The world was a better place with her in it and I will miss her forever.

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adminElaine Gardiner


I can honestly say that I feel so privileged as I have so many treasured memories of Debbie all the way through her life. I first knew Debbie when she was six months old and I took her out for walks in her pram. There was hardly a day went past that I did not see her I do remember when I used to go to the door for her she would run to it shouting “Sansa, Sansa”. I remember I used to take her out armed with potties etc taking her up to my house to see my mum when she was being potty trained (can just imagine her having a giggle at this) When the family moved away to England I was so upset and missed her so much however I still saw her regularly as she came back to Scotland to granny Nancy’s for holidays. As the years went on I went all over the country to visit the family for holidays and also even to Germany and spent many happy times together. The family over the years increased as David,Kevin and Kimberley came along. I remember Debbie’s graduation which was a very happy day and it was at that time I met Mike Debbie’s partner and sole mate. When I got married 25 years ago Debbie and Kimberley were both bridesmaids and I am so happy that she was part of all that. Debbie and the whole family are so much part of our family and the last time I saw her was when her and Mike came up to Scotland and came to visit us. We had a lovely lunch out and I will treasure that time forever along with every other memory of a beautiful girl inside and out who will always be loved and remembered .

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David Headspeath

I will get the ball rolling with the memories. A great memory I have is in 1992 during the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. Bohemian Rhapsody came on with Elton John and Axel Rose. I pretended to be Elton and Debbie pretended to be Axel. We used mums porcelain fruit bowl and wedged her makeup brush in it to make it look like a microphone. I did the Elton piano impression and then when the famous chorus came on Debbie ran in the living room and started head banging to the chorus like Axel did running around the living room. It was so so funny. I miss her so much. Love you Speef xxx ”

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adminDavid Headspeath