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David Headspeath

Everyday I have memories and thoughts about my big beautiful sis. Throughout the last 16 months since her passing I have had various signs. I am the biggest cynic out there or I was.

A beautiful memory I have is when we were in the botanical gardens in Edinburgh and it was a lovely warm late August summers day. We talked and walked through the gardens upon which a squirrel came up to us….. Looked at me and jumped up on me up my chest and looked at me and then jumped back down again. Couldn’t believe the squirrel actually jumped up on me.

At the bench recently and two squirrels were there really close (almost like they were watching me) amongst far more signs. How do you explain one minute I was telling a customer the reason behind the websites theme of Egyptian and Arabic themes and then one hour later I get a missed call from an Egyptian number which randomly called my work phone.

I know Debbie is looking down you just need to be open to the universe and signs and they will come.

I love you forever Speef and always in my heart. More memories will come as and when I feel like it. xxx

adminDavid Headspeath
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