Baby bro (Speefie)

A memory I have was when me and Debbie went back to visit Germany again when we were in our 20’s. Was a bizarre holiday to say the least and whilst met with some challenges we had the best time ever.

We hired a car and went to the old JHQ Rheindahlen where we both went to Windsor High school there. Somehow the guards let us on base ( I think Debbie just charmed our way in) and was soo nostalgic to go back there.

I love you Big sis and thank you so much for always looking out for me growing up despite all the challenges that were thrown at the both of us. If there is a heaven you are definitely there. Keep the signs coming Speef.

Love you always
David xxx

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DavidBaby bro (Speefie)

Mike Headspeath

Debbie was such a fun loving wee soul. I have many happy memories of Debbie and her love of Arabian & Egyptian culture.
Whilst on holiday in Saudi Arabia Debbie and I visited a traditional bakery where they made fresh flat bread about the size of a car tyre with some galapah (lentil dahl style spicy dip). We sat on a grass verge overlooking the Arabian sea and stuffed ourselves until there was nothing left. It was the best and most memorable time I shared with my beautiful wee Debbie.
She is constantly with me and we see each other again in a different place.
Love Papa

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DavidMike Headspeath

David Headspeath

Everyday I have memories and thoughts about my big beautiful sis. Throughout the last 16 months since her passing I have had various signs. I am the biggest cynic out there or I was.

A beautiful memory I have is when we were in the botanical gardens in Edinburgh and it was a lovely warm late August summers day. We talked and walked through the gardens upon which a squirrel came up to us….. Looked at me and jumped up on me up my chest and looked at me and then jumped back down again. Couldn’t believe the squirrel actually jumped up on me.

At the bench recently and two squirrels were there really close (almost like they were watching me) amongst far more signs. How do you explain one minute I was telling a customer the reason behind the websites theme of Egyptian and Arabic themes and then one hour later I get a missed call from an Egyptian number which randomly called my work phone.

I know Debbie is looking down you just need to be open to the universe and signs and they will come.

I love you forever Speef and always in my heart. More memories will come as and when I feel like it. xxx

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adminDavid Headspeath

Peggy & Bert Kellard

We were lucky to have had Debbie in our family for about 20 yrs, and have many lasting memories with her. This photo was one occasion we enjoyed at Seckford Hall. She will always have a place in our hearts.

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adminPeggy & Bert Kellard

Andrew Headspeath

I remember when I was about 12 my big sister Debbie came to visit us in Saudi Arabia. Words could not express how much I looked up to her. She was perfect in every way: beautiful, funny, kind – my role model. We also shared a love for literature.

At the time I was a budding novelist, and wrote a few pages after school. One night I asked Debbie if she could read it, because I completely adored her and valued her opinion. I remember her reading it and smiling and laughing, her eyes glued to the pages. After about 20 minutes of solid reading she turns to me, hands me the book and says: “You are so talented. You have a gift with words.”

Here I am, 16 years later, working as a journalist – using words everyday like my big sis encouraged me to. I hope Debbie knew how much she influenced my life – how one moment of kindness could shape an entire future. That was Debbie’s gift to me. And I will never ever forget it.

Love you sis.
Andoy x

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adminAndrew Headspeath


Debbie always had an affinity towards Arabian culture, so when I found out she was coming to visit us in Saudi I couldnt wait to show her around!! I was so excited to have my cool big sis with me. Dad drove me, Debbie and Andrew off track to the middle of some sand dunes. We kicked off our shoes, climbed to the top and overlooked the desert. Debbie said she felt like the “princess of arabia”. We thought it would be hilarious to sledge down the hill “Saudi style”. We got on our bellies, head first and bodyboarded all the way down. Everyone laughed hysterically and it took us days to get the sand out of our hair (and mouths).
I miss you so much sis, my princess of arabia xxx

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Syreeta x


You were my first friend

In Germany

Took me in,

Sheltered me

Under your infinite


Michael Jackson

And Heavy Metal,

Deep brown eyes

So kind.

You were the quietist

And the coolest too.

You loved the movie

Dirty Dancing

Even though the soundtrack

Made you cry

Over some boy

Who’d hurt you

With his ‘Hungry Eyes’.

Laughing and changing the lyrics

To ‘Dirty Diana’ just for kicks,

So innocent then.

If only we could crystallise the

Way back when.

But we can’t.

Life happens and

It hurts sometimes but

Like you said yourself

In your poetry

“All we need is love”.

So true.

These words bring me


When I think of you.

I will thank you

For that reminder

When we meet again.


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adminSyreeta x

Julie Walters

Debbie and I were best friends in primary school. I remember spending time in her bedroom singing and and acting out plays and movies. One of Debbie’s favourites was the Wizard of Oz, she went on to play the part of Dorothy in the school play at Braybrook Primary School and was amazing.
Debbie and I used to love roller skating together so I have posted a picture of us two together in my back garden. I remember being annoyed at my mum and dad because I wanted cool roller boots like Debbie’s. I remember Debbie telling me it doesn’t matter my skates were cool anyway. She always had a way of making people feel good. Debbie moved away while we were still in primary school but we wrote to each other all the time until we sadly lost touch. Although i didnt know alot about Debbie in teenage years and adulthood we did eventually reconnect a few years ago however the memories of Debbie I hold true in my heart are the ones when we were at primary school together. They were very special times she was my first ever best friend and they are the ones you will always remember. Xxxxx

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adminJulie Walters

Tony Gardiner

Possibly my fondest moment was when Debbie and I went to Paphos in Cyprus to attend Debbie`s brothers wedding. One evening Debbie, Mike, Elaine and I went to a bar called Big Mama`s, happy hour was going well and we all had enjoyed a few drinks when this photo was taken.
Sadly Debbie was taken too soon, but it is so nice that we can keep her memory going.
Debbie had so many talents, she had such a kind heart and welcomed me into the family, I, like so many people miss her so much. x x x

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adminTony Gardiner


Debbie was always my cool big sister. I remember when I was 16 she took me to Wembley to see the Smashing Pumpkins. We went the day together in London. Debbie got me a beer at the concert and I felt really grownup sitting there with a beer. We laughed a lot that day, even when we missed the train home and had to make alternative arrangements we laughed all the way home. I will always be proud of who she was. xxxx

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