David Headspeath

Everyday I have memories and thoughts about my big beautiful sis. Throughout the last 16 months since her passing I have had various signs. I am the biggest cynic out there or I was. A beautiful memory I have is when we were in the botanical gardens in Edinburgh and it was a lovely warm

Peggy & Bert Kellard

We were lucky to have had Debbie in our family for about 20 yrs, and have many lasting memories with her. This photo was one occasion we enjoyed at Seckford Hall. She will always have a place in our hearts.

Andrew Headspeath

I remember when I was about 12 my big sister Debbie came to visit us in Saudi Arabia. Words could not express how much I looked up to her. She was perfect in every way: beautiful, funny, kind – my role model. We also shared a love for literature. At the time I was a


Debbie always had an affinity towards Arabian culture, so when I found out she was coming to visit us in Saudi I couldnt wait to show her around!! I was so excited to have my cool big sis with me. Dad drove me, Debbie and Andrew off track to the middle of some sand dunes.

Syreeta x

Debbie You were my first friend In Germany Took me in, Sheltered me Under your infinite Wing. Michael Jackson And Heavy Metal, Deep brown eyes So kind. You were the quietist And the coolest too. You loved the movie Dirty Dancing Even though the soundtrack Made you cry Over some boy Who’d hurt you With

Julie Walters

Debbie and I were best friends in primary school. I remember spending time in her bedroom singing and and acting out plays and movies. One of Debbie’s favourites was the Wizard of Oz, she went on to play the part of Dorothy in the school play at Braybrook Primary School and was amazing. Debbie and

Tony Gardiner

Possibly my fondest moment was when Debbie and I went to Paphos in Cyprus to attend Debbie`s brothers wedding. One evening Debbie, Mike, Elaine and I went to a bar called Big Mama`s, happy hour was going well and we all had enjoyed a few drinks when this photo was taken. Sadly Debbie was taken


Debbie was always my cool big sister. I remember when I was 16 she took me to Wembley to see the Smashing Pumpkins. We went the day together in London. Debbie got me a beer at the concert and I felt really grownup sitting there with a beer. We laughed a lot that day, even

Elaine Gardiner

Debbie was born on 29th January 1976, one month early at 6lbs 12oz, my first child. She was a beautiful baby and grew into a lovely happy little girl. When she started school her teacher told me she was “a breath of fresh air”. She loved to sing and dance and usually got the star