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Syreeta x


You were my first friend

In Germany

Took me in,

Sheltered me

Under your infinite


Michael Jackson

And Heavy Metal,

Deep brown eyes

So kind.

You were the quietist

And the coolest too.

You loved the movie

Dirty Dancing

Even though the soundtrack

Made you cry

Over some boy

Who’d hurt you

With his ‘Hungry Eyes’.

Laughing and changing the lyrics

To ‘Dirty Diana’ just for kicks,

So innocent then.

If only we could crystallise the

Way back when.

But we can’t.

Life happens and

It hurts sometimes but

Like you said yourself

In your poetry

“All we need is love”.

So true.

These words bring me


When I think of you.

I will thank you

For that reminder

When we meet again.


adminSyreeta x
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