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I can honestly say that I feel so privileged as I have so many treasured memories of Debbie all the way through her life. I first knew Debbie when she was six months old and I took her out for walks in her pram. There was hardly a day went past that I did not see her I do remember when I used to go to the door for her she would run to it shouting “Sansa, Sansa”. I remember I used to take her out armed with potties etc taking her up to my house to see my mum when she was being potty trained (can just imagine her having a giggle at this) When the family moved away to England I was so upset and missed her so much however I still saw her regularly as she came back to Scotland to granny Nancy’s for holidays. As the years went on I went all over the country to visit the family for holidays and also even to Germany and spent many happy times together. The family over the years increased as David,Kevin and Kimberley came along. I remember Debbie’s graduation which was a very happy day and it was at that time I met Mike Debbie’s partner and sole mate. When I got married 25 years ago Debbie and Kimberley were both bridesmaids and I am so happy that she was part of all that. Debbie and the whole family are so much part of our family and the last time I saw her was when her and Mike came up to Scotland and came to visit us. We had a lovely lunch out and I will treasure that time forever along with every other memory of a beautiful girl inside and out who will always be loved and remembered .

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