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Julie Walters

Debbie and I were best friends in primary school. I remember spending time in her bedroom singing and and acting out plays and movies. One of Debbie’s favourites was the Wizard of Oz, she went on to play the part of Dorothy in the school play at Braybrook Primary School and was amazing.
Debbie and I used to love roller skating together so I have posted a picture of us two together in my back garden. I remember being annoyed at my mum and dad because I wanted cool roller boots like Debbie’s. I remember Debbie telling me it doesn’t matter my skates were cool anyway. She always had a way of making people feel good. Debbie moved away while we were still in primary school but we wrote to each other all the time until we sadly lost touch. Although i didnt know alot about Debbie in teenage years and adulthood we did eventually reconnect a few years ago however the memories of Debbie I hold true in my heart are the ones when we were at primary school together. They were very special times she was my first ever best friend and they are the ones you will always remember. Xxxxx

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